Photo of conference attendees using the FB Connectivity application

Facebook Connectivity Conference App

Interactive Touch Application

I created an in-person video exploration experience for the Facebook Connectivity team to use at the Telecom Infra Project Summit in 2019. Check it out!

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Screenshot of the FB Transparency website homepage

Facebook Transparency


I worked with the Facebook Transparency team to deliver a website to help communicate how Facbook enforces policies, responds to data requests and protects intellectual property.

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Screenshot of an alternate Oculus Medium website homepage

Oculus Medium Website


I helped Oculus Medium modernize their website's front-end and added some cool new features to help visualize VR sculptures on the web.

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Image of the Purple Rock Scissors company logo

Dev Management @ PRPL


I spent over two years serving the development team at Purple Rock Scissors as their Development Manager. Read more about what I learned and what was accomplished!

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Legacy Projects

The following links are sites I've made at least significant contributions to, but may not represent my current skill set or be in the same state as when I completed work on them, given they were built over two+ years ago.

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